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Come bowl with usSweetheart Lanes


Sweetheart Lanes is a beautiful 24 lane center. With a  professional, attentive staff, Sweetheart Lanes delivers the best bowling experience around. So join a league, throw a party, or just bowl for fun!

For more information contact us here or call 970-667-3510

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We Participate in Kids Bowl Free. Check it out at

Birthday Fun!

Sweetheart Lanes is the perfect place to throw a party!

Click here to make a birthday reservation today!


Be sure to check out our new Have a Ball League!!For more info call us at 970-667-3510 

Hours of Operation




 {August 20-May 8}

SUNDAY             Open Bowling:  9am - 11pm                                 

                          League Bowling   6pm - 9pm (Lanes 15-24)


 MONDAY   Open Bowling:       10am - 1pm,

                      3pm - 6pm, & 9:00pm -11:00pm              

                          League Bowling:    1pm - 3pm (Lanes 1-24)

                          League Bowling:    6pm - 9pm (Lanes 1-22)


TUESDAY          Open Bowling:    10am- Midnight                          

                           League Bowling:  1pm - 3pm (Lanes 11-24)


WEDNESDAY     Open Bowling:    10am - 6pm & 9pm - Midnight

                           League Bowling:1pm - 3pm (Lanes 15-24)  

                           League Bowling:    6pm - 9pm (Lanes 1-22)


THURSDAY      Open Bowling:     10am - 6pm & 9pm - Midnight                

                           League Bowling:  1pm - 3pm (Lanes 11-24)

                                              League Bowling:    6pm - 9pm (Lanes 1-24)


FRIDAY          Open Bowling:   10am - 1am                                                 

                                             League Bowling:   6pm - 9pm (Lanes 12-24)


SATURDAY       Open Bowling:     9am - 2am                                          

                                             League Bowling: 10am - 12pm (Lanes 9 - 24)   

                           League Bowling:    6:00pm - 8:30pm (Lanes 15-24)



                                ALL TIMES SUBJECT TO CHANGE




SUMMER HOURS    {May 9 - August 19}





SUNDAY            Open Bowling:    11am - 11pm 


MONDAY           Open Bowling:    10am - 11pm                                 

                                   League Bowling:  1pm - 3pm

                       League Bowling:    7pm - 9pm


TUESDAY   Open Bowling:   10am - Midnight                                

                       League Bowling:    1pm - 3pm


WEDNESDAY   Open Bowling:  10am - Midnight                           

                                    League Bowling:       6:30pm - 9pm


THURSDAY       Open Bowling:  10am - Midnight                      

                                    League Bowling:    1pm - 3pm

                        League Bowling:    6:30pm - 10pm


FRIDAY                     Open Bowling:  10am - Midnight   


SATURDAY          Open Bowling:   11am - 1am          








$4.25 per person per game

$4.50 per person per game for Glow-In-The-Dark


$3.50 shoe rental